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About the Copywriter

My Experiences

I began blogging more than eight years ago and in that time I learned many things through trial and error. These include social media management, content creation, SEO building, copywriting, copy editing, and more. My experience as a copywriter grew and so did my skill. Now I help people who do not have the time to spend learning, but instead are ready to invest in proven strategies and services in order to streamline their content. I free you to get the greatest return on your investment. 

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My Community

Just a little south of Houston, my area is one of the largest agricultural and rural counties of Texas. The sleepy town of Angleton, Texas, is waking up and really showing its heart for people and for growth. Serving and living alongside such an amazing community is a blessing. 

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"Get a Website" they say. "Manage social portals and maximize your online presence" they quip. Yet many business owners do not know where to start. 

Yes, building a website can be fairly straight-forward, but how do you drive traffic to your site? How do you connect social media accounts and make the whole experience for your customers easy and seamless? 

Hiring a professional can be costly if you aren't careful. Contact me today and find out how competitively and honestly priced I am. I can create copy, build sites from scratch, update your current site, edit your content, or partner with you to create something completely unique. I tell stories and connect people. 

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